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Sticky navigation bar for the Debut Shopify theme. Coded by a certified Shopify partner.

One image is worth a thousand words, but one live preview's worthiness is beyond evaluation! So check this sticky navbar working live here:

→ Live Demo ←

What you'll get:

This plugin creates extra options at the customize page of your theme, specifically in the header section.

Below, whichever options have (customizable) are options that you'll be to enable, disable and/or customize it in some way.

Here are all the main features:

- Sticky navbar on desktop (customizable)

- Sticky navbar on mobile (customizable)

- Sticky navbar on homepage only (customizable)

- Navbar font size (choose unique values for desktop/mobile)

- Sticky announcement bar on desktop (customizable)

- Sticky announcement bar on mobile (customizable)

- Sticky announcement bar on homepage only (customizable)

- Announcement bar font size (choose unique values for desktop/mobile - customizable)

- Background color for announcement bar (customizable)

- Text color for announcement bar (customizable)

- Subtle shadow below navbar (customizable)

- Announcement bar below header (customizable)

- Enhancement: when clicking on “search” page won't jump to the top

- Enhancement: when opening the menu page won't jump to the top

- Enhancement: Search input re-coded from scratch to work with both sticky navbar and the announcement bar

Sticky navigation bar options


You just need to copy and paste the files that come with this. Detailed instructions plus all features can be found clicking here.


We give 100% support to all of its users to ensure that what you're seeing on the demo page is exactly what you see on your website, same day responses are guaranteed.

If you have any questions, troubles or find bugs just please reach out to us:

Important Notes:

This code works exclusively on the Debut theme.

Unsure whether it would work on your theme? Send us an email and we'll be more than happy to help you figure it out.


Q: What is included in the support?

A: We ensure that whatever you see on the demo page is what appears on your own website. In addition, any bugs you find will be promptly investigated and fixed.

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Taking into consideration that it's a digital product with a live demo we do not offer refunds. However we do guarantee the slider will work on any Debut theme.

Thank you!

Important note: by purchasing this product you agree to our terms of service.

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